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Burlingame Dental Arts in Portland, OR

Great Introductions: A List of Books that Launch Young Patients Towards Lifelong Oral Health

added on: September 10, 2019

Early dental health is critical. The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that dentist visits begin at the arrival of a child’s first tooth and no later than their first birthday! With such an early start for such small patients, the staff at Burlingame Dental Arts, your kids dentist in SW Portland, OR  has compiled a list of our favorite books that we think do a good job of introducing dental visits and oral health to children. Take a look!

Just Going to the Dentist, by Mercer Mayer

From the “Little Critter” series, this gentle book leads young readers through a visit to the dentist with the familiar and loveable character Little Critter, whose frank and funny interpretation of the experience provides a light-hearted introduction to dental care. Additionally, Little Critter does need a cavity to be filled (something we strive to avoid in our young patients, but an event that does occur occasionally); his bravery in the face of the procedure is a fortifying example for young readers.

ABC Dentist: Healthy Teeth from A to Z, by Harriet Ziefert

This book does a little multi-tasking by working on children’s alphabet skills while exploring the world of dentistry. The collage-style illustrations make it a fun-filled and lively read from Appointment to Xray.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist, by Stan and Jan Berenstain

From the tried and true Berenstain books comes a tale of bravery at the dentist’s. In this episode of the Bear family, Brother and Sister Bear goes to the dentist. Brother goes first, setting an example for his younger sister before it’s her turn to see the doctor. Filled with information and with the Berenstain’s signature calm demeanor and thoughtful attention to “how things work,” this book is a great introduction for children.

Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth, by Lucy Bate

“I have a tooth in my chocolate ice cream,” said Little Rabbit. “That’s wonderful,” said Mother Rabbit. “It’s about time,” said Father Rabbit… In this beloved favorite, Little Rabbit explores her first loose tooth, finally losing it in a bowl of ice cream. She washes it off and waits for the tooth fairy. Filled with detailed and comforting illustrations, this book provides a gentle introduction to that well known rite of passage we call losing a tooth. It’s a must-read.

Pony Brushes His Teeth, by Michael Dahl

This book is part of a series of books by Michael Dahl in which helpful animals set positive examples for young readers. In this installation of sound advice, Pony watches his father brush his teeth and decides to give it a try. Filled with simple, compelling illustrations that draw in our youngest patients, this book also comes as a board book and is especially useful for children around age two.

What’s your child’s favorite book?

Next time you come in to Burlingame Dental Arts, please tell us your child’s favorite dental tale! We love to learn what “literature” makes small patients comfortable, plus we might find some new favorites ourselves!

If your child is close to that first dental check up, please let us know. Dr. De Graff will roll out the red carpet and welcome your little one to a future of great dental health!

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