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Burlingame Dental Arts in Portland, OR

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Restorative Care in Burlingame

Tooth decay and damage can affect a lot in your life. Confidence. Comfort. Health. The list goes on.

While we do offer dental fillings, sometimes more intensive restorative treatments are necessary in order to bring your smile back to optimal health. And we are proud to stand by our patients — no matter how extensive the restoration.

With crowns and dental bridges, we’ve helped countless patients across the SW Portland area feel the best about their smiles once more.

If you are thinking that you may need extensive treatment, connect with us today! We will answer any questions you may have and talk through your various options.


Custom-Fit For You

At Burlingame Dental Arts, our dental crowns are uniquely made to fit your bite and chew. A custom fit is crucial when it comes to crowns because no mouth is exactly the same.

Not sure what a dental crown is? Think of a crown as a durable tooth covering that’s used to protect your tooth from further decay (or harm). All of our crowns are custom-fit to keep you smiling comfortably for the long run.


Put Your Best Smile Forward

If you’re missing multiple teeth in a row, you may want to consider getting a dental bridge to eat your favorite foods again and smile with confidence!

What is a dental bridge? A dental bridge is a set of artificial teeth that are attached via a dental crown to your mouth. Our dental crowns are fabricated out of tooth-colored resin and are custom fit to your exact mouth shape and size so no one will know that you’re wearing a tooth restoration!


Restoring Decay & Confidence

Dental bridges and dental crowns are a great way to fix decay and strengthen your teeth. (They’re also great for your oral health!)

The main benefits of getting a dental bridge and dental crown include:

  • Restored functionality
  • Better bite (and chew)
  • Boosted confidence
  • Improved speech
  • Enhanced smile aesthetics

A strong smile can help boost your confidence—especially when you feel great about the way you look. Connect with our team at Burlingame Dental Arts to ask us about our dental crown and bridge offerings today!

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