Burlingame Dental Arts in Portland, OR
Burlingame Dental Arts in Portland, OR

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Children’s Teeth Cleanings
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Dental Exams for Kids…
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At Burlingame Dental Arts, we have a passion for providing quality dentistry to patients of all ages! (Yes, we love our child patients too.)

We recommend that your child comes in for his or her first appointment at the age of one (or when they begin to get in their first tooth). We understand that you want only the best for your child and we vow to give them the level of care they deserve with a dental partner you can trust.

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What to Expect

All About Their First Visit

We know it can be daunting to go to the dentist for the first time. Luckily, for you (and your child), we’re here to put a smile on your child’s face and give you peace of mind.

During their first appointment, your child can expect to enter into a friendly atmosphere where we will:

  • Examine their new teeth coming in
  • Get to know you (the parent or grandparent) a bit more
  • Thoroughly clean their teeth
  • Apply fluoride
  • Floss with extra attention to gentle care
  • Entertain them with good humor!

Home Care

Routine Starts at Home…

Parents will not only get help with their child’s oral health in the office, but the team provides them with the guidance and tools to help their children at home with maintaining their oral health. Our top dental health tips for your little one include:

  • Brushing – Your child should be brushing their teeth twice per day at a minimum to maintain their healthy smile.
  • Flossing – Flossing is also necessary to ensure there is no food lodged between the cracks of their smile. (Neglecting to floss can lead to cavities and decay.)

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