Burlingame Dental Arts in Portland, OR
Burlingame Dental Arts in Portland, OR

Portland Dental Patient Reviews

Why our Portland Patients
Love us!

“Burlingame Dental Arts is amazing and is adding incredible resources and tools for you to be educated on your dental health. The last visit I had was more insightful than all of my dentist visits combined in the last 20 years.”
Andie W.
“I highly recommend Burlingame Dental Arts. The entire team is amazing and very professional. Whether I’m in the office for a cleaning and exam or having a crown placed… the care is always exceptional.”
Nicole M.

“Really good people. Highly skilled and talented staff. All the latest technology and creature comforts, and a prevailing commitment to both craft and family lifelong dental wellbeing!”
Ken W.
“Absolutely the best staff and providers! Very friendly, kind and knowledgeable! We love it and so do our kids!”
Kelly N.

“The staff is attentive, kind, and professional. I no longer deeply dread dentist appointments! I highly recommend this dental practice and hope they continue to serve the SW Portland area for many years to come.”
Laura S.

Burlingame Dental Arts Reviews

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